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Welcome to Minibus Hire Uxbridge, the industry leader in coach rentals with a stellar reputation for providing courteous, professional group transportation services at affordable prices. With a particular focus on safety and comfort, Minibus Hire Uxbridge is renowned for its capacity to deliver first-rate group transportation services and transport management, giving you total peace of mind.

Years of Experience

Years of experience have taught us that our clients value cleanliness, punctuality, competitive rates, and a welcoming, professional service above all else. So that our customers are satisfied every time, our company is designed around these customer expectations. Minibus Hire Uxbridge’s motto was created years ago, and it serves as the strong foundation for all that we do. The Minibus Hire Uxbridge teams are welcoming and polite, regardless of whether you are traveling by coach or making travel arrangements. We consider taking care of our customers to be taking care of our loved ones. The Guild of British Coach Operators, representing the leading coach companies in the UK, counts us among its proud members.

Our Mission

Our Mission for the Uxbridge community is all about improving opportunities for social inclusion, independence, and good health. To ensure that Minibus Hire Uxbridge Group is a great place to work, we make investments in our employees and offer equal opportunities to all. We offer qualified transportation services using a variety of cars that meet the requirements of the global tourism industry. The transportation is provided on demand and is intended for both natural persons and legal entities, such as associations, businesses, schools, kindergartens, travel agencies, and commercial enterprises. Minibus and minivan rentals are made for almost all of these services tours of Bucharest, team-building activities, business trips, excursions, pilgrimages, internal and external circuits, airport transfers, weddings, and other events.

Our Values

Our goal is to provide service excellence consistently and to be recognized as the market leader in every sector in which we compete. In the communities we serve, we want to operate the most secure mass transit system. To ensure that people receive the experience they deserve rather than the one they had to settle for, we are here to raise the bar and improve standards in accessible transportation. We always value the selection of our customers and fulfill all their desires regarding their transportation requirements.
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Why Choose Us?

At Uxbridge, we place a high priority on both style and safety. For your customers' trips to be enjoyable and memorable, we offer utterly dependable services with the utmost comfort and ease. We have seatbelts in every seat so that everyone can ride safely. The professional face of any journey is our uniformed drivers, who are all highly skilled and enrolled in ongoing training.

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Our Employees

All of our employees and drivers are obligated to treat every customer with respect. Throughout a customer's interaction with us, from using our website to calling us on the phone to boarding one of our vehicles, our teams are trained to provide excellent customer service. Minibus Hire Uxbridge's mission is to make school and business travel safer, greener, and more intelligent.

We Are Pride of the Community

As a family-run business, we take great pride in providing the community we serve with the care that is generated by our business. Fairness and moral behavior are required everywhere, from providing the highest levels of secure, fair employment to providing accessible travel to everyone without exclusion. With us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. We have many years of actual coach operating experience. All you need to do is to approach us again if you receive a lower quote in the same community so that we can match it. We value your business more than any neighborhood company does. Our enviable reputation in Uxbridge as one of the top coach tour and private hire providers makes us well known.

For the past years, we have been conducting outside engineering & bodywork on coaches, buses, fire engines, and other types of commercial vehicles. The works are conducted in our own area purpose-built engineering warehouse comprising of several engineering bays, a paint & body shop, offices, and staff rest facilities that are actively working for designing and ensuring comfort and smoothness of journey of passengers. In addition, we conduct our own fleet’s engineering work, bodywork, and safety inspections ‘in-house’ using the same facility.

We’ve been a family-run business for many years, so you can always rely on us for top-notch customer service. Our coaches are perfect for a wide range of events and occasions because they are contemporary, seat-belted, and fully air-conditioned. From business trips and contract work to vacations and days out, we’ll transport you on time and in style wherever you need to go.
Call us right away as we are active around the clock for all of your private coach hire needs or minibus service needs for any type of occasion, and we’ll be happy to offer you suggestions and a free quote for your journey that will facilitate you in making decisions regarding your travel needs. We offer customer care services around the clock to provide a comfortable zone for our potential buyers that heavily rely on us for their travel needs.

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